The Ghost's Story

The Brackenford Cycle, Novella

The Ghost's Story (The Brackenford Cycle, Novella)“My name is Agatha Cragton. I have been dead since the year eighteen seventy-nine.”

As Agatha might tell you, being dead isn’t much fun. The hours are long, the benefits non-existent, and she regularly has to suffer the company of Trev Irwin, Brackenford’s number one estate agent, part-time demon-slayer and full-time cynic. A man with all the subtlety and sensitivity of a motorway pile-up.

With friends like that, who needs exorcists?

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that Agatha’s kept the details of her life – and perhaps more importantly, her death – from Trev’s ears until now. But when they’re stuck with each other for an evening and the small talk runs short, it’s almost inevitable that the subject arises…

“The Ghost’s Story” is a standalone novella set in the Brackenford Cycle universe, taking place after the events of “Hangman’s Pond”, the second book in the main series.




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