Spectre's Rest

The Brackenford Cycle Book 3

Spectre's Rest (The Brackenford Cycle, Book 3)

It’s been a stressful few months for Trev Irwin, number one estate agent in the town of Brackenford. He’s had to contend with the discovery that he has latent psychic abilities, the revelation that Britain has a hidden community of supernatural creatures, and the inconvenience of repeated attempts on his life. Having survived – barely – the machinations of a megalomaniac Victorian scientist and his urbane assassin, Trev’s hoping for a quiet return to selling third-rate houses to first-time buyers. No such luck.

The Custodians, the clandestine supernatural police force of the United Kingdom, have been trying to recruit Trev into their ranks for some time. He’s reluctant, not least because he knows that there’s a mysterious traitor in the organisation who’s been trying to get him killed. But when a high-profile fugitive is captured and offers to trade some information for a lenient sentence, it looks as if there might be a chance for Trev to unmask the traitor and protect himself. All he has to do is go to the Custodians’ prison, Spectre’s Rest, and interview the prisoner.

It seems like a simple enough task. However Spectre’s Rest is dilapidated, on the verge of being closed down, and running on a skeleton staff. The remaining prisoners are the worst-of-the-worst, though they’re only half as frightening as the food in the staff canteen. Trev wants to get the job done and get out, but the death of an inmate leaves him trapped in a prison on lockdown with a killer on the loose. Worse still, the prison staff seem to think Trev is the number one suspect, and with a shortage of both time and allies he’s got a job on his hands to convince them not to lock him up. Wrongful imprisonment might be the least of his worries, though, because Spectre’s Rest has its own secrets. Secrets that stretch back through the prison’s dark and violent past. Secrets that can no longer remain hidden.

Secrets that might mean the death of everyone inside the prison’s walls…

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