Hangman's Pond

The Brackenford Cycle, Book 2

“Typical Monday,” Trev Irwin thought. “I spilled my breakfast, my car wouldn’t start, and someone’s trying to kill me...”

If you think YOUR life is stressful, then spare a thought for Brackenford’s number one estate agent, Trev Irwin. Two months have passed since he managed to survive a demon trying to steal his soul, which isn’t one of the more common hazards of the property business. He’s still none the wiser about who was responsible for summoning the creature, but at least things are beginning to get back to something that resembles normality. His injuries have healed, he’s selling more houses than his arch-rival Barry, and there’s the possibility of romance with Sarah, the new girl in the office. Even the continued scrutiny of the Custodians, the United Kingdom’s supernatural police force, can’t dampen his spirits too much.

What can, however, is an attempt on his life at a property viewing, and that’s just Monday. Things go further downhill when a trip to a spooky local landmark, Hangman’s Pond, leads to him finding out that he’s going to be dead by the end of the week…but not when or how it’ll happen. There certainly seem to be plenty of candidates for the role of executioner: a Victorian hit-man, a group of zombies and a vampire Colonel all have bones to pick with Trev, and if he’s to have any hope of staying alive he needs to deal with them.

It’d be useful to have a team of kick-ass allies to rely on, but all Trev’s got is his seventy-eight year-old Granddad, a haughty ghost called Agatha, and Oscar, a sardonic possessed cat. There’s also a mysterious woman in a mask, but who is she and whose side is she on? Trev hasn’t got long to figure things out, so he needs to work fast. After all, there are worse things than just being dead…

HANGMAN’S POND is the second book in “The Brackenford Cycle” series.

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