Deceased Estate

The Brackenford Cycle, Novella

Deceased Estate (The Brackenford Cycle, Novella)Sunday: traditionally a day of rest. For estate agent Trev Irwin it’s a day for recovering from hangovers; watching TV in just his underpants; and pretending that his latent psychic abilities haven’t ruined his life. This Sunday is going to be different. For starters he won’t be doing anything in just his underpants.

For a devout sceptic like Trev, there’s nothing worse than finding out that all the supernatural beings whose existence you’ve denied for years are not only real, but are mostly trying to kill you. He’s lucky to have his Granddad for support; the old man is affiliated to the Custodians, a clandestine group whose role is to keep the peace among Britain’s supernatural creatures, as well as keeping them out of the newspapers.

However the Custodians’ resources are spread thinly and Trev finds himself roped in to help. The job seems simple: investigate a suspected supernatural incident in a graveyard and report back. He’s even got company, in the form of Oscar, Granddad’s sardonic possessed cat.

No problem, then. Go in, have a look, get out. No way that can go horribly wrong, right?



“Deceased Estate” is a standalone novella set in the Brackenford Cycle universe, taking place between the events of “Location, Location, Damnation” and the upcoming sequel “Hangman’s Pond”.

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